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What we do here matters

There is no other university quite like The University of Texas at El Paso. From our advantageous location along the US-Mexico border, to our reputation as "Bhutan on the Border," UTEP serves the Paso del Norte as a gateway to social and economic opportunity. What truly sets UTEP apart, however, is our vibrant, multicultural student body.

UTEP students are a resourceful group, eager to prove themselves. They are polite. They are friendly. Resilience and perseverance are part of their DNA. They recognize and appreciate that their lives are made better through the education and support systems available to them at UTEP.

They are why UTEP is here.

UTEP is their ticket to a dream – for them and for their families. More than that, the education they receive benefits us all. When we live in an educated community – where everyone has developed their gifts and talents to the fullest – our lives are longer, healthier, safer, more prosperous, and more filled with beauty and joy.

Higher education has been and continues to be the single greatest gateway to economic and social mobility in America. UTEP chooses to be part of a core group of exceptional universities that will not be measured by those we exclude, but by those we include – and their success.

What we do here matters. Your support matters.

Heather Wilson
The University of Texas at El Paso


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Donor Highlight

Natalicio-Ins_-Gates.png The Diana Natalicio Institute for Hispanic Student Success has received a generous $300,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This contribution will provide critical operating support for the institute as it enters its second year. “We are proud to partner with the Gates Foundation to increase educational opportunities to underserved communities through the transformation of higher educational institutions,” says Dr. Anne-Marie Núñez, executive director of the Natalicio Institute.