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The Scope of the LAHDR Center

The Latino Alcohol and Health Disparities Research (LAHDR) Center seeks to reduce alcohol and health disparities through research on the development, course and treatment of alcohol use disorders among Hispanics.

We are a multidisciplinary, cooperative network of students, researchers, and professionals who join to inspire healthy change for alcohol behavior in the Paso del Norte Region.

Informational Seminar on Motivational Interviewing & Brief Motivational Interventions

How would you like to enhance the impact of your every-day interactions with your clients? Would you or your organization be interested in learning an evidence-based conversation style to help motivate your clients to make better decisions for themselves? Join us on May 23, 2019, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at the El Paso Center for Children Bright Future's Training Center at 2108 N. Stevens St., El Paso, TX 79930. This seminar is free and lunch will be provided.

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El Paso Times Features LAHDR

The El Paso Times featured the Latino Alcohol and Health Disparities Research Center for its use of Brief Motivational Interventions (BMI) which is demonstrated through conversations that encourage drinkers to ponder on how much they drink and consider if they should drink less. 

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