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Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae


Equidae—Family Equidae // Equidae sp.—Horses // Equus sp. (small)—Small Horse // Equus sp (large)—Large Horse // Equus calobatus—Stilt-legged Onager // Equus conversidens—Mexican Horse // Equus cumminsii—Cummings' Ass // Equus enormis—Enormous Horse // Equus fraternus—Fraternal Horse // Equus giganteus—Giant Horse // Equus occidentalis—Western Horse // Equus pacificus—Pacific Horse // Equus (Plesippus) sp.—American Zebra // Equus (Plesippus) francescana—Francescana Zebra // Equus (Plesippus) simplicidens—American Zebra // Equus Species A—Unidentified Equus // Haringtonhippus francisci—Harington's Stilt-legged Horse

Equus fraternus Leidy 1885—Fraternal HorsePleistocene distribution of Equus fraternus

This is considered a nomen dubium by Winans (1985). Cosgrove (1947) gives no information that would allow placement to any currently recognized species of our region.


Pleistocene. Ceremonial Cave (Cosgrove 1947).


Cosgrove 1947; Winans 1985.


Last Update: 7 Jul 2018