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Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae


Equidae—Family Equidae // Equidae sp.—Horses // Equus sp. (small)—Small Horse // Equus sp (large)—Large Horse // Equus calobatus—Stilt-legged Onager // Equus conversidens—Mexican Horse // Equus cumminsii—Cummings' Ass // Equus enormis—Enormous Horse // Equus fraternus—Fraternal Horse // Equus giganteus—Giant Horse // Equus occidentalis—Western Horse // Equus pacificus—Pacific Horse // Equus (Plesippus) sp.—American Zebra // Equus (Plesippus) francescana—Francescana Zebra // Equus (Plesippus) simplicidens—American Zebra // Equus Species A—Unidentified Equus // Haringtonhippus francisci—Harington's Stilt-legged Horse

Equus sp. (small)—Small HorsePleistocene distribution of Equus sp., Small

Since the common late Wisconsin small horses were Equus conversidens, it seems likely that this is the taxon represented in many cases; however, this is speculation only, and the potential presence of a small horse having lower incisor infundibulae (Scott 1996), not the E. conversidens state, makes speculation dangerous. Likewise, Haringtonhippus francisci and Equus cedralensis are possibilities. See the Family Equidae account for nomenclatural problems.


Late Blancan: Tecopa Lake Beds (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.).

Late Blancan/Early Irvingtonian: Elsinore: Mimomys (Pajak et al. 1996).

Early Irvingtonian: Pajarito Springs (Morgan and Lucas 2005); Tijeras Arroyo (Morgan and Lucas 2005),

Early Rancholabrean: Albuquerque Gravel Pits (Morgan and Lucas 2005); Shoshone Zoo (Jefferson 2014); Tecopa Basin (Jefferson 1991b).

Rancholabrean: Artesia (Jefferson 1991b); Campbell Hill (Jefferson 1991b); Pinto Basin (Jefferson 1991b); Salt Marsh (Jefferson 1991b); Sands (Jefferson 1991b); Shelton Canyon (Morgan and Lucas 2005); Tule Springs (Mawby 1967).

Sangamon: Newport Bay Mesa (Jefferson 1991b).

Wisconsin: Costeau Pit (Jefferson 1991b); Mojave River Bluffs (Jefferson 1991b).

Late Wisconsin: Schuiling Cave (Jefferson 1991b); Tule Springs (Mawby 1967).


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Last Update: 7 Jul 2018