Bioinformatics Computing Laboratory (BCL)

BCL serves as a core facility for the Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH Grant #G12MD007592). With a panel of consulting faculty from the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences, our bioinformatics computing support ranges from mathematical modeling to software usage, genomic and biomolecule analysis, including both the computational and experimental components in biomedical research. In particular, we provide services in developing databases and software for genomics and proteomics data analysis, biomolecular sequence analysis and structure prediction , and glycosylation site prediction . These research tools are implemented with the equipment in BCL, its satellite sites, and other high-performance computing facilities on UTEP campus. Web-based, user-friendly interfaces are built for these bioinformatics software tools to be utilized primarily by researchers in the border region. To enhance our support for cancer prevention and research with the concept of personalized medicine at a state level, BCL is also involved in developing reliable algorithms for digital patient ID systems using secure tags integrated with large-scale bioinformatics databases.

The following bioinformatics computing tools are available for open access; please contact us for further support services.

Fee Schedule

  • BBRC Investigators - No Charge 
  • Initial Consultation and Research Proposal Development - No Charge 
  • General Bioinformatics Computing Support - $80/hour 
  • Software Development and Computational Modeling - $120/hour 

Download BCL Forms(fillable Word Files)

Consulting Faculty and Their Research Specialty Areas 

  • CX : Chuan "River" Xiao
  • EW: Elizabeth Walsh
  • KJ : Kyle Johnson
  • IA  : Igor Almeida 
  • JY : Jonghyun Yun
  • JZ : Jianying Zhang
  • ML: Ming-Ying Leung
  • ML: Ming-Ying Leung
  • MN: Mahesh Narayan 
  • NS : Naijun Sha 
  • OF : Olac Fuentes 
  • PT : Patricia Teller 
  • RB : Ricardo Bernal 
  • SA : Steve Aley 
  • VK : Vladik Kreinovich 
  • WQ: Wei Qian 
Consulting Faculty Initials: CX EW KJ IA JY JZ ML MN NS OF PT RB SA YK WQ
Cancer Biomarker Analysis X X
Cancer Informatics X X
Computational Biology X X X
Cryo-EM Data Analysis X X
Data Processing Under Uncertainty X
Data Security and Computer Architecture
DNA and Next-Generation Sequencing X X
Glycosylation Site Prediction X X
Epidemiology X
Evolution X
Genome Sequence Assembly X
High-Performance Computing s X
Intelligent Data Processing X
Large-Scale Testing (TACC Supercomputer) X
Machine Learning X
Macromolecule Assembly X
Mass Mass Spectrometry Medical Imaging X
Microarray Analysis X X
Molecular Sequence Analysis X X
Optimization X
Phylogenetic Analysis X X
Probabilistic Modeling X X X
Protein Structure Prediction X X
Proteomics X X X
RNA Regulation X
RNA Structures X X X
RNAi Screens X
Sequence Assembly X X
Statistical X X X
Genetics and Genomics X
Tomography Data Analysis X
Toxicogenomics X X X
Viral Genomics X X
X-ray Crystallography