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Careers in Student Affairs

Whether you are a current Student Affairs professional, or you are a newcomer to the field of Student Affairs, we welcome you to our annual celebration of student affairs called Careers in Student Affairs Month.

Do you enjoy working with college students? Are you interested in having a direct impact on the lives of others? Do you love being a student leader and wonder whether you could make this a full-time career? Take time to learn more about what a Career in Student Affairs might mean to you and discover the possibilities of becoming a practitioner.

The field of Student Affairs is full of opportunities where you can make a positive influence upon others and support their academic and professional success. Positions in Student Affairs vary from working in areas like housing, enrollment services, campus engagement, admissions, or other student affairs departments. Positions found within these areas include: Academic Advisor, Orientation Coordinator, or Director of Housing and Residence Life. There are a multitude of opportunities within Student Affairs where you can join the profession and have the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of students.