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Group Counseling

College students in the 21st century are better informed about the importance of good mental health and are more likely than in previous generations to take steps to ensure it.

Group therapy provides the opportunity to address the stressful challenges of life as a college student with other students who are likely to be having similar experiences.  In addition to all the academic demands you’re facing, life may feel crowded with concerns related to self-perception, relationship problems, family issues, or feelings of isolation.  For many, these issues can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, or hopelessness.

Group therapy is an effective form of addressing mental health concerns in a proactive manner.  Think of it as part of a mental fitness workout.  We exercise to maintain our physical health, so how can we maintain our mental health?  One way is through sharing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others we relate to.  Group therapy facilitates this in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Group therapy sessions are held on a weekly basis with 5 – 8 students in each group.  Group counseling is a free and confidential service for currently enrolled UTEP students.  Contact UTEP CAPS to learn more about the Group Counseling schedule. Sign up today!