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    GOAL 1: Learning and Teaching
    GOAL 2: Research, Scholarship, and Artistic Production
    GOAL 3: Public Service
    GOAL 4: Administration

    GOAL 1: Learning and Teaching

    To prepare UTEP students to meet lifelong intellectual, ethical, and career challenges and to be the leaders of the 21st Century.

    Student Achievement: To graduate students who have a command of communicative, mathematical and computer skills; core knowledge in the natural and social sciences, humanities and arts; knowledge, attitudes, and skills of their academic major or profession; and additional knowledge and skills to be gained from capitalizing on UTEP's special setting.

    Curriculum: To maintain a core curriculum for all undergraduate students and major/professional curricula which provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be productive citizens and to meet future intellectual, ethical, and career challenges.

    Educational Programs: To provide a wide array of quality academic programs appropriate to a comprehensive university and the educational requirements of El Paso's binational metropolitan area, and to develop new graduate degree programs based on needs of and opportunities of our setting and institutional strengths.

    Faculty: To recruit, orient, support, and retain a highly qualified, diverse faculty which is dedicated to teaching and which uses effective instructional practices, such as directed practical experiences and technological innovations, for the enhancement of student learning.

    Student Services: To provide comprehensive programs and services that strengthen UTEP students' academic achievement and develop their leadership skills.

    Pre-College Preparation of Students: To work collaboratively with schools, the community, and employers to ensure that young people and their families are informed about the necessity of higher levels of academic preparation for admission to and success in the University, and to support collaborative efforts to improve pre-college education.

    Student Recruitment: To inform and assist qualified potential students in seeking admission to the University in order to fulfill their aspirations for higher education.

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