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  • UTEP Goals

    GOAL 1: Learning and Teaching
    GOAL 2: Research, Scholarship, and Artistic Production
    GOAL 3: Public Service
    GOAL 4: Administration

    GOAL 2: Research, Scholarship, and Artistic Production

    To create, interpret, evaluate, apply, and disseminate knowledge; to encourage the addition of perspectives based on UTEP's geographic and social setting; and to contribute to the formation of a broader intellectual and artistic foundation for the 21 at Century.

    Generation of Knowledge: To advance knowledge through research, scholarship, and artistic production.

    Application of Knowledge: To develop research, scholarship, and artistic activities which apply UTEP's expertise and resources to the search for solutions to regional, national, and international problems.

    Integration with Teaching: To expand the linkages between University instruction with research, scholarship, and artistic activities whenever appropriate and to expand opportunities for both graduate and under- graduate students to participate in these endeavors.

    Faculty: To recruit, orient, support, and retain a highly qualified, diverse faculty dedicated to the advancement, dissemination and application of knowledge.

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