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    Dr. Thomas E. Brady, Dean
    Dr. Pablo Arenaz, Associate Dean
    Dr. E. Alan Dean, Assistant Dean

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    1.- Intoduction
    2.- Undergraduate Programs
    3.- Departamental Honors Programs
    4.- Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
    5.- Major Fields
    6.- Advising
    7.- Preprofessional Programs
    8.- Secondary Teacher Certification
    9.- Degree Plans
    10.- Lower-Division Courses
    11.- Upper Division Courses
    12.- Interdisiplinary Degrees
    13.- Interdisiplinary Courses

    4.- Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

    The BS degree in all science disciplines requires a minimum of 135 semester hours of credit including a minimum of 45 upper-division (junior and senior) semester hours. A GPA of 2.0 or greater is required in all courses in the major. In addition, a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in all course work at UTEP. Individual degree plans may restrict or extend some of the general education requirements, which are:

    English: Completion of the English composition component of the core curriculum and ENGL 3359 (Technical Writing).

    History: Completion of the history component of the core curriculum.

    Political Science: Completion of the political science component of the core curriculum.

    Natural Science: The natural science component of the core curriculum is satisfied by the major requirements for all degree plans except those offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In the case of mathematics, this component is satisfied by the additional science requirement.

    Mathematics/Statistics: Completion of MATH 4111 (Calculus I), and either MATH 3112 (Calculus II) or the sequence STAT 3280 , 3281 , and 1282 (Statistical Methods). Fine Arts: Completion of the fine arts component of the core curriculum.

    Humanities: Completion of the humanities component of the core curriculum.

    Cultural Diversity: Completion of the cultural diversity component of the core curriculum.

    Economics: Completion of the economics component of the core curriculum.

    Technology and Society: Completion of the technology and society component of the core curriculum.

    Computer Science: CS 4101 (Introduction to Computer Science) or CS 4120 (Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers).

    Major: Completion of a major field concentration of prescribed courses. Specific disciplines have requirements that range from 36 to 44 semester hours. In addition, I interdisciplinary majors are also offered; they range from 49 to 59 semester hours. Enrollment in upper-division courses in the major is permitted only after the student has completed all lower-division prerequisites with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all classes attempted and a grade of "C" or better in all required lower-division courses in the major.

    Minor: The completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours, at least six of which must be upper-division in an area related to the major. Each department plan specifies acceptable minors and College of Science minors are listed by each department. Secondary teacher certification requires a minor in secondary education. If this minor is selected and no other minor is required (each department specifies if an additional minor is required), a minimum of twelve approved semester hours in a supporting field to the major is required. Interdisciplinary majors do not require a minor.

    Additional Science: Completion of a minimum of six approved semester hours in a field of science that is not the major or minor (or the 12-hour supporting field for the single secondary education minor). Acceptable additional science disciplines are listed by each department.

    Elective Courses: In addition to the above requirements, elective courses of general interest or relevance to the major field of the student as needed to complete the required 135 semester hours credit and the minimum 45 upper- division semester hours of credit are required. Courses in which the material is repetitive of, or included within, courses required by the department or college may not be applied as elective credit toward the BS degree.

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