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College of Education – Teaching Collective

The Teaching Collective is an effort within the College of Education to help faculty to develop new skills in their teaching and to focus on developing a community of practice committed to the values and virtues of great teaching. The Teaching Collective will focus on the use of technology in teaching and learning, the implementation of solid pedagogical techniques and the importance of community for support and professional development for faculty, doctoral and graduate students in the College of Education. Each semester, the Teaching Collective will host workshops as well as provide members with opportunities to share, to grow and to flourish within their teaching efforts.


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Through its use of SharePoint, the College of Education is embracing a product that will enable the quick and efficient dissemination of information that all faculty and staff can access. Whether looking for college-specific forms, guidelines, committee minutes/agendas, or key indicators of how the college is performing, SharePoint will be your one-stop information source. With its simple structure, each folder will contain information that you will find useful and specific to the College of Education. Additionally, there are department-specific folders that will provide information that is unique to each department. We invite you to use this resource and encourage your input for any improvements.