Doctoral Programs

Ph.D. In teaching, learning, and culture

The Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Culture will prepare professionals who will conduct research that will enhance the national debate about aims in education, standards and equity, especially for the U.S./Mexico border region and the State of Texas.

The program seeks to develop knowledge in important areas relevant to urban education, the southwest border region, Texas and beyond. Graduates will be knowledgeable about implications of shifting demographics and cross-cultural teaching and learning. They also will be prepared to:

  • Conduct research using appropriate methodologies to study curriculum and instruction;
  • Design innovative instructional strategies to promote the cognitive and social development of all learners;
  • Expand on the existing pedagogical knowledge base about learners from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds;
  • Utilize effective and innovative educational research and evaluation designs and processes;
  • Provide significant contributions to the research literature on educational reform.


Doctor Of Education (ED.D.)

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree program in Educational Leadership and Administration offers students opportunities to develop the added knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for leadership roles in educational settings. Typically, graduates of the doctoral program prepare for positions in three general career areas:

  1. central office and school site leadership,
  2. leadership in higher education and other educational settings, and
  3. leadership in educational policy and evaluation.

Unique program features include emphasis on educational leadership issues along the U.S.-Mexico border with opportunities for research in this cultural and linguistically diverse region, and a cohort program that provides a sense of community and mutual support during students’ doctoral experiences.