UTEP Theatre and Dance

Our Mission

The Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas-El Paso is a diverse community of artists and scholars who align with the university mission through devotion to exceptional teaching, service, creative practice, research, and by visibly contributing to the quality of life in El Paso, the surrounding region, and beyond.  Faculty members also actively contribute to the department’s self-governance, self-evaluation, and strategic planning, and to college and university endeavors.

Our student-centered and professionally active faculty are committed to developing  students’ original voices and providing them with a nationally and internationally competitive education, preparing them with the skills necessary for advanced degree programs, successful careers in professional and educational theatre and dance, and life-long learning. Through rigorous classroom, laboratory, and production activities, faculty invest in the lives of students by teaching and demonstrating collegiality, civility, continuous self-improvement, academic and artistic honesty, and the questioning and challenging of existing conventions.  In these ways, faculty and students help preserve, perpetuate, and create theatre and dance’s traditions, which vividly demonstrate theatre and dance as sources of insight into universal truths and the human condition.