The School of Nursing offers a post-masters Nurse Practitioner (NP) certificate for nurses holding a master of science in nursing degree in a different nursing specialty. The three specialty concentrations offered are:

  • Acute care adult/gero (ACNP)
  • Primary care family (FNP)
  • Primary care pediatrics (PNP-PC).

The NP certificate curriculum reflects a comprehensive approach to the provision of primary (family and pediatric) and secondary (adult/gero) care to individuals, aggregates, and communities. Students acquire advanced assessment skills, a specialized clinical knowledge base, and advanced clinical management and decision-making skills. Admission to the certificate is competitive and follows the same admission guidelines as the MSN Nurse Practitioner major. The post-masters curriculum consists of core advanced practice courses (if not taken previously) and specialized courses in the major. Completion of the NP post-masters certificate requires a minimum of three semesters of full-time study. Instruction is online and includes clinical experiences.

Graduates of the UTEP post-masters certificate are eligible to sit for national certification exams given in their specialty.

Degree plans for licensed and nationally certified APRNs who desire an additional specialty are individualized and include a minimum of 540 practicum hours.