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Build upon the unique diversity of our people


Deeply woven into the University’s character are the distinctive strengths of the people whom we serve.

The Paso del Norte region is one of the largest bilingual, binational, multicultural communities in the Western Hemisphere. Overwhelmingly Mexican-American, our history as a gateway has enriched our region with a unique population of Native Americans, Spaniards, Mexicans and Americans, mixed with immigrants from nations around the globe. We are at ease with at least two languages, and we thrive in the fluid and blended traditions of a border and trading community.

Recognizing the potential each generation brings, the region has created a college-going culture that values education as the pathway to opportunity and encourages the development of talent as a means to a better life. Indeed, El Paso is the second most educated city in Texas, behind only Austin in the percentage of the workforce that has some college or above.