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Deepen our partnerships with health care providers to meet the needs for talent and advance collaborative research.

Initiative 3

Health and human services is the fastest-growing employment sector in Texas. UTEP graduates needed health care professionals through degree programs offered by our College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy. A closer relationship with health care providers will have a positive impact on the health and wellness of our community.

UTEP will use its strong relationships with the health care systems in the region to engage regional educators, industry leaders, local nonprofit organizations, and community representatives to improve health outcomes in our community. We will pursue joint research opportunities, including community-engaged research, that increase our knowledge and ability to address the health concerns of our region.

UTEP’s College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy will strengthen relationships with regional health care partners to expand experiential opportunities for our students. Growth in practicums, clinical placements, service learning, study away, and engagedlearning opportunities will deepen student connections to the community and provide unique cultural experiences that make them more valuable in their professions.

UTEP will also strengthen our connection to the health care industry through professional advisory councils and leverage our alumni and partners to increase our reach and impact on health outcomes.

Working closely with health care employers, we will seek to meet needs for continuing education, upskilling and reskilling for the health care workforce in ways that accommodate the constraints of working professionals.