What Minors are Useful to pair with a CJ Major?

Updated 1.13.17

Useful Minors for Criminal Justice Majors



Within the UTEP College of Liberal Arts:


  1. African American Studies

Emphasizes knowledge and self-awareness with respect to race and ethnicity. Program provides for individuals of all backgrounds a humanistic lens and course of study for analysis of the black experience. Research, teaching and related academic and social activities focus on African American history and culture and the attendant complexities of "race" relations in Texas, the American southwest, the nation and the Diaspora.


  1. Chicano Studies

Interdisciplinary curriculum embraces local, national, and global frameworks to address race, class, gender, and sexuality paradigms that shaped, and continue to shape, the field of study as well as the experiences of Chicana/os and all Latina/os in the United States. Chicana/o Studies at UTEP is committed to the principles of democracy and social justice through a relevant, interdisciplinary, and transformative curriculum that prepares well-informed and culturally competent global citizens for success in the 21st century.


  1. English: Rhetoric & Writing

Since the criminal justice field involves a lot of writing, the Minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies helps students become proficient writers in preparation for graduate school or in the workplace. Students will learn to write a variety of essays, research reports, technical documents, and multimedia projects. They will also become more sensitive to how the written language works both grammatically and stylistically.


  1. Intelligence and National Security Studies

Allows students to become familiar with the intelligence and security need of the United States and problems of risk confronted by private and governmental organizations.


  1. Languages: Spanish


Translation may be useful for court or legal documents to include text analysis, effective and systematic utilization of available resource materials, including parallel texts, and working in teams.


  1. Legal Reasoning

Good for students interested in law school.  An examination of the method of reasoning about legal problems, which arose out of the common law tradition. A core area of the common law (torts, criminal law, contracts or property) will be explored in the depth through the reading and analysis of case law.

  1. Political Science: General or Public Admin & Service

Useful for students interested in government service, national security, nonprofit organizations, and policy analysis  


  1. Psychology

Useful for a better understanding of individual cognitions, behavior, and the application to mental and social health.


  1. Sociology

Application of knowledge about group behavior and the social and cultural processes that underlie it, with a special focus on the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.



Other Useful Minor Options within Other UTEP Colleges:



  1. College of Business Minors http://business.utep.edu/


Accounting minor may be useful for students interested in pursuing work in forensic accounting


Entrepreneurship is for someone interested in owning their own business.

General Business


A general business or management minor is useful in any job or in any agency that requires managing or supervising other people. 



  1. College of Engineering Minor: http://www.cs.utep.edu/undergraduate/

Computer Science

Helpful in understanding computer databases and potential glitches in computer security



  1. College of Health Sciences Minor: http://chs.utep.edu/contact-us/

Health Promotion

Prepares students to work in settings such as public health agencies, community based organizations, hospitals and other medical facilities, and wellness centers.



  1. College of Science Minors: http://www.science.utep.edu/index.php/degree-plan




Any of three minors above are useful for students seeking careers in forensic science.