Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We share the vision of developing our intellectually vigorous community of students and faculty, together engaging in research, teaching, and learning that advance knowledge in diverse areas of mathematics and support current progress in science.

Our Mission

  • To discover, mentor, and nurture mathematically inclined students, and provide them a supportive environment that fosters intellectual growth.
  • To employ effective educational tools for our undergraduate and graduate courses, informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning of college-level mathematics.
    • to prepare our undergraduate and graduate students to develop the attitude and ability to apply mathematical methods and ideas in a wide variety of careers.
    • to provide El Paso and its region with a sufficient number of well-qualified mathematics teachers at all levels.
    • to prepare future scientists and engineers adequately for the mathematical needs of their disciplines and to give all students on campus a general education in the mathematical sciences.
  • To perform widely recognized research in focused areas of mathematical and statistical theory, methodology, and education.
  • To explore applications of mathematics and statistics and engage in collaborative research in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • To provide professional services based on our diverse mathematical and statistical expertise to the scientific, technical, and educational community.
  • To advocate for mathematical sciences and UTEP in schools and the local community.