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Native plants are beautiful, and they help conserve water, require less maintenance, and are more cold-hardy than plants from other parts of the world. Native plants also provide food and habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies. Using native plants in your yard is one step that we can take to help restore a healthy ecosystem in El Paso.

FloraFEST is the only fundraiser for the maintenance and operation of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. Shoppers can visit with local Master Gardeners, horticulturists, and other plant experts for advice on how to care for their plants at home. We sell mostly native and native-adapted (plants that are not native to our region but will grow well here) plants, many of which are not available at local nurseries or retailers.

Our sale in April 2021 was a great success, and we look forward to our next one. We are planning on having a sale this fall! Please join our mailing list CLICK HERE to keep informed about the Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, including when we announce the date of the next sale.

See the list of plants sold in April 2021 and learn about how to care for them HERE.