Natural History Education

Chihuahuan Desert Home Page
A broad overview of the region with links to courses, teaching modules and external links.
Chihuahuan Desert Natural History Course
A course introducing the natural history of the Chihuahuan Desert, designed as either a self-learning course or the basic outline for a formally-taught course.
Desert Diaries
Short takes on desert life.
Chihuahuan Desert Teaching Module
A team-written introduction to the Chihuahuan Desert.
Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition
A local group that supports programs which enhance conservation and education of the Chihuahuan Desert.
El Paso Native Plant Society
An organization whose purpose is native plant identification, ecology, and uses; encourage preservation of natural habitats; support botanical research; and promote use of native plants for conservation of water, land, and wildlife.
Educational Resources
A link to the Centennial Museum Educational menu page for both informal and formal education.
Pages that can be used for reference or instruction, with regional emphasis on New mexico, Trans-Pecos Texas, southeastern Arizona, in the U.S. and northern Chihuahua.
Mammal and Bird Gallery
Specimens of animals native to the Chihuahuan Desert Area.
Pleistocene vertebrates of New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas
A compliation of Pleistocene records.
Learning Links
Drawings of native animals to print and color.

Cultural History Education

Casas Grandes
Information about Paquimé, better known as Casas Grandes; a major cultural and trade center in northwestern Chihuahua.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Information about Casas Grandes.
Information and additional links about Casas Grandes from
Mata Ortiz
Information about the village of Mata Ortiz, calendar of events and pottery.
Mexico's Huichol resource page
Information about culture, symbolism and art.
Rarámuri resouce page
Information about the Rarámuri culture from
Mescalero Apache Tribal Community
Information about the Mescalero Apaches who are now resident in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico.
Archeological Sites of the Southwest
Extensive links to sites in the region on public land which are open for visitors.
Texas Beyond History
Information on pre-Columbian sites in the region.
Museum Publications on Cultural History
Hardcopy and electronic publications from the UTEP Centennial Museum.
Learning Links
One-page information sheets and coloring pages.