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April 13, 2019-December 14, 2019

Uncaged Art presents the work of youth, ages 13-17, who were detained at the Tornillo detention center in West Texas. Comprised of paintings, drawings, and handicrafts made of found materials, the work reflects the resiliency, talent, and creativity of young men and women who trekked 2000 miles from their homes in Central America to reach the United States.

The exhibition “Uncaged Art” displays dioramas created by unaccompanied migrant children held at Tornillo, a detention center. The fencing recalls conditions at the military-style facility, which closed in January.Credit...Ivan Pierre Aguirre
A miniature soccer field made by a teenager at Tornillo, with pipe-cleaner players kicking a polka-dot cotton ball. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre
One migrant child crafted a replica of a Honduran national park from Popsicle sticks. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre
A cut-cardboard cathedral made by a teen at Tornillo is wrapped in vibrant aqua tissue paper, with pews for the faithful made from Popsicle sticks. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre
Immigrant children held at Tornillo created art that reminded them of their homelands. Birds were a signature motif. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre
As part of a social studies project, children were asked to commemorate their native cultures. The quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala and a symbol of freedom. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre