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  • Financial Assistance
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Housing Expenses
  • Residency

  • Residency Determination Information

    1.- Introduction
    2.- Minors and Dependents
    3.- Residence of Independent
         Individuals 18 Years of
         Age or Older

    4.- Reclassification
    5.- International Students
    6.- Exceptions
    7.- Economic Development
         and Diversification Employees

    8.- Military Personnel, Veterans, and Commissioned
         Officers of the Public Health Service

    9.- Teachers, Proffesors, and their Dependents
    10.- Teaching or Research Assistants
    11.- Scholarship Stipend Recipients
    12.- Academic Common Market
    13.- Mexican Citizens
    14.- New Mexico Residents
    15.- Student Responsibilities
    16.- Penalties

    7.- Economic Development and Diversification Employees

    An individual eligible to establish a domicile in Texas, who has come from outside Texas and registered in an educational institution before having resided in Texas for a 12-month period immediately preceding the date of registration and his dependents are entitled to pay the tuition fee and other fees required of Texas residents if the individual has located in Texas as an employee of a business or organization within 5 years of the date that such business or organization became established in this state as part of the program of state economic development and diversification authorized by the constitution and laws of this state and if the individual files with the Texas institution of higher education at which he registers a letter of intent to establish residency in Texas. Eligible companies are identified by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.


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