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The Entering Student Experience (ESE )was formed in 2020 with the sole purpose of helping you transition to UTEP successfully. ESE is made up of courses and programs specifically designed to help you succeed academically and grow as a student.

  • The Developmental English department will help you learn the fundamental concepts of writing and reading so that you are ready to take on any course at UTEP.
  • The Developmental Math department will help you understand mathematical concepts and prepare you for success in college-level mathematics.
  • The University 1301 course helps you transition to UTEP by providing you with experiences focused on navigating college, academic success, self-growth, and professional preparation.

Along with academic courses, ESE offers multiple summer bridge programs designed to help you succeed in college and move closer towards your degree.

  • UTEP Prep is a summer bridge program aimed at helping you get a head start on your academic courses as you enter UTEP.
  • Mad Dog Math (MDM) is a developmental math summer bridge program that provides entering students your developmental math course for free.
  • UTEP Promote is a freshman to sophomore bridge program that focuses on helping students grow as a student and person while transitioning to your sophomore year.