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Strategic Initiatives

UTEP First-Generation Initiative

The Entering Student Experience (ESE), Student Affairs (SA), and the Student Engagement and Leadership (SELC) departments have partnered together to provide a unique opportunity for UTEP’s first-generation students. The first-generation Initiative aims to improve students’ retention rates and work with them through their 45-semester credit hour. Using a holistic approach, ESE, SA, and SELC will provide for students:

  • A first-generation seminar, UNIV 1301, designed to:
    • re-envision how first-generation students navigate their first year in college
    • celebrate first-generation student success by fostering students’ diverse backgrounds, strengths, and skillset
    • prepare first-generation students for college by helping them develop writing, communication, and critical thinking skills through a variety of methods
    • engage families in meaningful ways to better serve as a support system
    • provide activities focused on student’s engagement, belonging, agency, academic success, and professional preparation
    • offer wraparound services, including tutoring, advising, coaching, and mentoring to help students successfully complete their courses
    • opportunities to engage with first-generation students, peer leaders, faculty and staff, and alumni
  • An entering summer bridge program for entering first-generation students to help with their transition to UTEP
  • A freshman-sophomore summer bridge program targeted to help students bridge the gap between their freshman and sophomore years
  • Wraparound services to students and their families to help them become successful UTEP college students
  • Connections to first-generation peer leaders, instructors, mentors, advisors, and alumni
  • Mentorship program to students to develop connections with peers that enhance student support and further develop their sense of belonging

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