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Speaker Series

The Entering Student Experience (ESE) supports UTEP students in their first 45 semester credit hours to build a foundation for their academic excellence and professional success. We foster an inclusive environment to ensure students from diverse backgrounds have a meaningful transition to UTEP. Our five pillars of success include Engagement, Belonging, Agency, Academic Success, and Professional Preparation.

The purpose of the Entering Student Experience Speaker Series is to highlight the foundational pillars of our program though storytelling and professional mentorship from UTEP faculty and staff. The series will give students the opportunity to learn about, reflect upon and apply the five pillars in practical ways pertaining to their personal, academic and professional lives. The series allows for networking and building relationships across campus, disciplines, departments and programs.

Fall 2022 Speaker Series Recorded Presentations

Belonging with Ray Varela

Research Series #2 Featuring Dr. Richard Pineda

Professional Preparation featuring Dr. Robert Munoz

Academic Research featuring Matthew Munden

Academic Success featuring Dr. Lou Herman

Agency featuring Dr. Heather Wilson

Spring 2022 Speaker Series Recorded Presentations

Engagement featuring Lucinda Rodriguez

Opening Session featuring Nicole Aguilar

Fall 2021 Speaker Series Recorded Presentations

Closing Session featuring Reyna Grande

Professional Preparation featuring Dr. Marc Cox

Belonging featuring Dr. Denise Lujan

Academic Success featuring Dr. Jessica Slade

Engagement featuring Jim Senter

Agency featuring Dr. Guillermina Gina Nuñez- Mchiri

Opening Session featuring Dr. Virginia Fraire

Older Speaker Series Recorded Presentations


Other Recordings

Student Support Presentation: CARE, CASS, CAPS, MSSC, and OSCCR