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Student Programs

Peer Leader Program

The Peer Leader Program is here to help you transition to UTEP by providing an opportunity for you to learn and interact with upper class students who are trained to assist you with your transition. Peer Leaders serve as role models in the areas of academic success and co-curricular engagement to help first-year and transfer students adjust to university life at UTEP.

Peer leaders work in collaboration with faculty to co-instruct a section of the UNIV 1301 class. The peer leader plays an active role in your class discussions, provides opportunities for engagement, monitors your academic progress, and meets with you during the semester to answer questions and mentor you towards a successful semester. Peer leaders support and promote UTEP’s academic policies, and standards, as well as its EDGE initiatives.
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Learning Communities

A learning community is a small group or cohort of students who work collaboratively in the classroom with one or more professors. Learning communities emphasize collaborative partnerships between academic departments and restructures the curriculum to encourage integration of content. More importantly, by participating in a learning community you will be provided a space and structure for you to align your goals with other students and build your sense of belonging and connection with your peers.

Learning communities are one of the high impact practices at UTEP where you will register for UNIV 1301 and one or more linked core courses. You will attend those classes together as a small common cohort of students. By joining a learning community, you will combine the unique advantages of UNIV 1301 with the added benefits of building social and academic networks with their peers in two or more classes. The faculty in the learning communities work to create integrated assignments, activities, and experiences that explicitly link the courses and may even incorporate co-curricular experiences.
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