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Meet Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez sees her choice to attend UTEP as the best decision she’s ever made, falling in love the University from the moment she set foot on campus. She credits her infectious joy and her seemingly unstoppable success on campus to her scholarship and the inspiration and motivation it has afforded her. “My scholarship essentially opened up doors to all of the opportunities that I’ve had at UTEP,” Jessica said. “It’s been amazing.”

Among those opportunities has been her service as President of the UTEP Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2019-2020 academic year. To be successful, as Jessica will tell you, you have to give it your all. “Obviously, school comes first,” she said. “And, I have a strong team in SGA who enjoy working together to let students’ voices be heard.”

Her goal as SGA President is to help students appreciate and enjoy their UTEP experiences as much as she has. “You can only go through college once,” Jessica said. “I mean, you can get several degrees and attend college several times, but to really get the whole college experience - like the one I have - you can only do that once. I want to ensure that students can grow and make their marks here at UTEP and that UTEP, in turn, will leave a mark on their hearts as it has on mine.”

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