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Meet Salma Sandoval

When I was growing up, I knew two things about myself—that I wanted to go to college and that I enjoyed helping others. In school, math and science classes were fun for me and as I got older, I became more interested in health care. Pharmacy, I discovered, was the perfect fit.

I was lucky to be part of the second cohort admitted into the UTEP School of Pharmacy, and when I put my while coat on for the first time, I was overwhelmed: my dream was becoming a reality.

A Presidential Scholar as an undergraduate, I earned my bachelor’s degree in three years. And, then, in the pharmacy program, I was awarded a scholarship to participate in the School of Pharmacy’s Study Away Program and travel to Nashville, Tennessee, and participate in faculty-led volunteer opportunities. I fell in love with the warm community, and my mind and heart were opened to populations I had never worked with before.

When I graduate, I hope to serve my community as an ambulatory care pharmacist and help patients live with and manage chronic disease. Thanks to you and the opportunities your gifts create, you are making a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Thank you.

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