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Meet Samantha Whitaker

I chose to attend The University of Texas at El Paso because I wanted to go to school in the city where I had great support from family and friends. As a first-generation college student, my parents encouraged me to earn a degree and recommended I follow an academic path that I loved. I chose music education and I plan to pursue a career in vocal pedagogy and elementary studies. I applied and was accepted to a number of schools, but UTEP felt like home, and I am so happy I chose to study here.

Through my scholarship at UTEP, I have been able to enhance my education beyond anything I could have imagined. Last fall, I traveled to Leeds, England, with the chamber singers and performed in the historic Leeds Cathedral every evening I was there. The cathedral has the largest program of choral music for youth in the UK. Hearing our choir’s collective voices travel throughout the long marble hallway of the church was an indescribable experience, and it filled my heart with joy and appreciation for the opportunities I’ve had as a student here.

You, and donors like you, made this experience possible.

Thank you.

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