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Couples Counseling

All relationships change over time, and it is not uncommon for couples to experience obstacles in their relationships. Couples counseling can be useful in helping couples manage their relationship problems in a healthy way. Through couples counseling, partners may find that they learn more about each other, build trust in one another, develop effective communication skills, and engage in constructive problem-solving.

Couples counseling is available at CAPS when both partners are currently registered students at UTEP. The initial appointment involves meeting with a counselor for an intake interview. The counselor will meet with the couple together, and will also spend some time with each partner individually. Please allow two hours to complete the intake.

After the intake, if counseling at CAPS is recommended, you will be assigned to a counselor who has training/experience in couples counseling. Your counselor may be a licensed clinician, or a master’s or doctoral-level student who works under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Couples counseling may last up to 10 sessions.

If it is determined that a referral to an outside provider would better meet the couple’s needs, you will be provided with referral information.

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