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Off Campus Referrals

Referrals are an essential part of the services we provide here at Counseling and Psychological Services. It is important for us to provide each student with the adequate resources according to their needs. There are times in which a student’s need either falls outside the scope of the services provided here at CAPS or there is another program/agency that is better equipped to provide the requested service. It is our goal to help the student get connected with the agency/service/program that will best fit their particular need. To this end our counselors may provide students referrals. There are two types of referrals we typically provide to students: within campus and El Paso community referrals.

The Within Campus Referral consists of coordinating and providing a student with information on services which the university already offers, but the student may not be aware exists. This may include areas such as academic struggles, financial concerns, and/or issues with another student or professor.

El Paso Community Referrals range from various agencies which provide psychological, psychiatric, and social service agencies that assist can with medical and financial issues.

Our website has a listing of referrals and support groups that we typically recommend to students. This web page includes specific information about referral which can be helpful for UTEP students and also those individuals not attending the university.

Click here to see our Community Referral List