Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is comprised of members of the business and governmental communities who have a direct interest in the success of the College of Business Administration, its faculty and its students. Membership of the Business Advisory Council is limited to 30 individual or corporate appointments.

Criteria for appointment to the Council are:


  • Contributions and enthusiasm for the College of business Administration and the University of Texas at El Paso.
  • A strong belief in the private support of higher education.
  • Recognized achievement in his or her business or profession.
  • Ability to donate the time necessary to further the goals of the College.
  • Willingness to set an example of leadership and support for the College of Business Administration.

Activities of the Business Advisory Council include:

  • Provide liaison and points of contact with the business community and the organizations represented by the Council.
  • Provide advice and information on the educational, research and service needs of the community, and to provide advice on proposed adjustments and initiatives in the College's educational programs, research efforts, and service activities.
  • Assist the Dean and College in external resource acquisition.
  • Promote the College and its programs or services in the community and within their organizations.

Current Business Advisory Council Members

Ms. Maria E. Alvarez, Principal
VeraVista Solutions, LLC

Mr. Joseph Biernacki, Vice President 
Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

Mr. John R. Broaddus, CPA
Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent & Gano, P.C.

Mr. Eric J.C. Chan, Founder & CEO
Magnum Co., LTD

Dr. Roberto Coronado, Assistant Vice President in Charge 
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, El Paso Branch

Mr. Edward Escudero, President & CEO
Sierra Finance, LLC

Mr. Henry Gallardo, Partner & Director of Investment Management 
Strategic Wealth Advisors

Ms. Yolanda Garcia, Business Area Banking President
Wells Fargo Bank

Mr. Leo A. Gemoets, Jr., Vice President of Contact and Capacity Management
Intelligent Sourcing Group, LLC

Mrs. Tamara Gladkowski, Senior Vice President 
WestStar Bank

Mr. Leonard A. Goodman III, President & CEO
Goodman Financial Group

Mr. Ruben E. Guerra, President & CEO
Guerra Investment Advisors

Mr. Robert C. Heasley, Financial Planner
Lincoln Financial Advisors

Mr. John T. Hjalmquist, President & CEO
Pizza Properties, Inc.

Mr. Rick Horvath, Vice President & Aeronautics Controller
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Mrs. Debra K. Koch, Human Resources & Security Manager
The Boeing Company

Mr. Manuel Marrufo, President & CEO
Diversified Technical Services, Inc.

Mrs. Kathryn D. Marsman, Licensing Sales Executive
Microsoft Corporation

Mrs. Susan A. Melendez, Consultant
Borderplex Alliance

Lizzie Dipp Metzger, Financial Advisor
Crown Wealth Strategies

Ms. Teresa Montoya, Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Joseph Mullings, Division Manager
JP Morgan Chase Bank

Lic. Guillermo Ochoa Gonzalez, Founder & Chairman
Ixtlan Services, Inc.

Mr. Manuel Ochoa, Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Lester L. Parker, President, CEO & Chairman 
United Bank of El Paso del Norte

Ms. Maria Gabriela Quirarte, President & CEO
D. M. Distillery Co., S.A.

Mr. K. Alan Russell, President

Mr. Gary Sapp, Executive Vice President
Hunt Building Group, L.P.

Mr. Robert V. Wingo, President & CEO
Sanders\Wingo Advertising, Inc.