Windows Software Download

Select Microsoft Software Available for Download to Registered COBA Students

Members of the College of Business Administration (Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students) can download select Microsoft software programs from the COBA Dreamspark site. Access to this program is restricted to currently enrolled students of the College of Business.

MS Office is not available through the COBA Imagine site. You must visit the main site to obtain Office.

If you are recently enrolled in a COBA class or you are faculty/staff you should already have an account.

COBA students have an account automatically setup every semester. Follow the instructions below to complete your registration on the Dreamspark site.

How to Download Software from Imagine

  1. Using Internet Explorer Access the Microsoft Imagine Sign In page.
  2. If this is your first visit click the Register button to complete your account setup. At the form use your full Miners email address ( as your Username. You will then create your password.
  3. Shop for the software you need in the store and add it to your cart. Check Out when ready.
  4. You will receive a link by email to download the launcher as well as the license, if required by the software.
  5. Run the launcher and perform the following steps:
    • Authorization - Checks are done to make sure that you have not exceeded your download limit. Install to a local directory.
    • Download - The encrypted file is downloaded to your local directory from our web server.
    • Unpack - The secure package that you just downloaded is unwrapped to the local directory from before.
    • Launch Install - This step normally launches the program installation. For our software, this step will simply open the download directory.
  6. After you follow the step, an ISO image will be on your desktop. (.ISO)
  7. Burn the extracted ISO to a CD/DVD or use a utility such as Virtual Clone Drive to mount the ISO file as a disk. Run the Setup program on the disk.

If you find you do not have an account setup, please send an email to the COBA Dreamspark Admin at with:

  • Your full name
  • UTEP 800 number
  • Your Major
  • UTEP Miners email address

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten the link to access the Imagine Site. Can I still access it again?

Yes. Follow the link to COBA Dreamspark.

I am a Faculty member for the College of Business. How do I get a class copy of the software for my students?

If you are a faculty member, please send an email to COBA Dreamspark Admin with a class list of your student’s UTEP email addresses (only UTEP email addresses are authorized), the course number, and name of the department you are assigned to.

I am a COBA Faculty or Staff member and want a personal copy, how do I obtain one?

If you are a faculty or staff member and want your own personal copy, please send an email to COBA Dreamspark Admin with your valid UTEP email address, your 800 number, and name of the department within engineering that you are assigned to.

How many times can I install licensed software?

Licensed software is software that you are explicitly authorized to use via a license key. This software can only be installed once. If you are reinstalling the software on the same hardware system, and the software is reported to be activated, you can call Microsoft for a reinstallation.

Can I install the software on both my desktop and laptop?

No. This software can only be installed once.