ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Resources

You may access the SAP software in several ways:
  • OPTION ONE: All computers in the CoBA Computer lab have the SAP GUI already downloaded on them.

  • OPTION TWO: Download the SAP GUI ‘box’ to your own computer: INSTRUCTIONS

  • OPTION THREE: Access SAP GUI via Internet:
    • Your instructor will supply you with the name of the Application Server. Locate the Internet address for your assigned server: 
      List of Server names and Internet Link
    • SAP GUI is optimized to run using Internet Explorer web browser. Enter the web address for your course’s server.
    • To run SAP GUI via a browser other than IE, you should install the IETab Add-in   >FIREFOX > Chrome 
    • MAC users: If you can't use the IE tab, then try using Firefox.

 Log on to the SAP system

  • Server Name:  Provided by your instructor
  • Client:  Provided by your instructor
  • User ID:  Provided by your instructor
  • Initial Password:  Provided by your instructor  (After first log-in, you must change your password. )

Getting Started

Faculty Resources

Corporate Sponsor

Thank you to ADP for sponsoring our use of SAP Software!!