Our Mission

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The College of Business Administration of The University of Texas at El Paso shares with the University its fundamental mission to provide access to the highest quality education to a diverse student population, commensurate with AACSB International standards for business education. The international and multi-cultural characteristics of this region and the expertise and scholarly inquiry of our faculty create a learning environment for global enterprise that is academic, experiential and professional.
The College is committed to the University’s ideals of excellence by providing exceptional higher education to enable our graduates to make significant contributions to their profession and be competitive in the local and global marketplace. Therefore, the goals of the College are to provide:
  • Broad-based programs that give students the background necessary for entry into, and advancement in, professional and managerial positions: for lifelong learning, for career success and for responsible stewardship of cultural, economics and environmental resources.
  • Intellectual contributions that: extend the boundaries for knowledge; improve the application of existing knowledge to regional, national and international environments; and enhance the transfer of knowledge to students.
  • Service that contributes to the personal and professional betterment of our students, the University, alumni, community, and academia.
Our quality is reflected in the success of our students, alumni, and faculty, and in the enhancement of the personal and professional lives of community residents.