Tectonics & Sedimentation

Applied Petroleum Research • Carbonate and Clastic Sedimentation • Cordilleran and Extensional Tectonics • Feedbacks between Tectonics, Erosion, and  Sedimentation

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We decipher the feedbacks between tectonics, erosion and sedimentation to gain a quantitative understanding of deformation, erosion and sedimentation dynamics. To address the questions in our field, we rapidly develop from observations and discoveries to hypotheses, which are shared with all team members, covering a broad range of expertise. This allows us to find new, creative, and efficient ways to test and refine the hypotheses, keeping us on the cutting edge of science.

Salt-sediment Interactions: The Institute for Tectonic Studies does field research in the Flinders Range (South Australia), the Basque Pyrenees (Spain), and the Paradox Basin (Colorado & Utah, USA). We study geometry, scale, and facies architecture in order to understand how deformation associated with salt movement (halokinetics) shapes stratigraphy and potential reservoir strata. The research is sponsored by the joint industry Salt-Sediment Interaction Research Consortium (SSIRC).