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Academic Programs

Developmental English

The Developmental English Program provides you with quality reading, writing, and critical thinking instruction that prepares you for success in university-level courses and assists you in meeting your educational goals to become life-long learners.
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Developmental Math

The Developmental Math Program takes a holistic approach to working with you in multiple ways and on individualized paths. Developmental math faculty focus on your success from prior to entrance into UTEP to completion of your first college-level math course. The department offers co-requisite and traditional courses directly linked to students major that helps you get through your developmental math course content moving you towards completing your degree.
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UNIV 1301 Seminar for Critical Inquiry

UNIV 1301 is a course that provides a common first-year experience, wherein you will employ your agency to develop strategies for academic, career, and lifelong success. This course will help you build a foundational network of support to increase your sense of belonging and commitment to the University. Additionally, UNIV 1301 will help prepare you for internships, employment, undergraduate research, and community-engaged learning experiences. You will engage in experiences that help you understand and develop your strengths, enabling you to succeed at UTEP. This course satisfies a requirement in the Component Area Option of the current UTEP Core Curriculum.
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