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You must be advised before you are allowed to register for courses. Your record will have a hold which prevents you from registering for classes. Each department and program has a different set of rules for their advising procedure. 

Contact your program director or coordinator.

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Once you have gone through advising and are cleared for registration, you are ready to enroll in your classes. You can view this schedule online. You can register for classes in person with your advisor or online. Be advised that if there are any holds on your account you will have to clear them up with the department that set those holds in effect, before you are allowed to register. You may also use the Goldmine web site to register.
The Office of the Registrar maintains a calendar with registration dates and deadlines.

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Doctoral Milestones Agreement

All newly admitted doctoral students are required to meet with their doctoral program advisor and sign a New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement during the first semester of enrollment in the program. The purpose of the New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement is to ensure that doctoral students are aware of the academic milestones they are expected to reach in order to earn their doctoral degree.
Students are expected to reach each academic milestone within a specified time period in order to make satisfactory progress through the program. The program's graduate studies committee will provide all students with annual, written evaluations and feedback on milestones that should have been met. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be granted one full academic year to reach missed milestones. At the conclusion of the probationary period, the graduate studies committee will assess progress made and recommend continuation or dismissal from the program.

New agreement for Ph.D. students to shorten time to degree completion.
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Teacher's Dual Credit

High School Teachers interested in teaching dual credit can choose from a variety of graduate certificate and master’s programs that meet credential requirements. Many courses are offered evenings or online, and current Region XIX teachers can apply for financial assistance.

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Undergraduate Courses Approved for Graduate Credit

For Graduate Students: Undergraduate Courses Approved for Graduate Credit

Undergraduate courses approved for graduate credit require additional work, the amount and nature of which to be determined by the instructor.

UG Courses
ANTH 3303 Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 3304 Biological Anthropology
ANTH 3306 Cultural Diversity
ANTH 3308 Anthropology of Law and Political Systems
ANTH 3309 Mesoamerican Cultures
ANTH 3310 Southwestern Archaeology
ANTH 3311 Applied Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3312 Drug Use, Abuse, Trafficking
ANTH 3315 Urban Anthropology
ANTH 3319 Indigenous Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 3320 Indigenous Cultures of North America
ANTH 3321 Indians of the Southwest
ANTH 3325 Chicanos and Mexicans in the U.S.
ANTH 3326 Migration
ANTH 3330 Language and Power on the Border
ANTH 3332 Introduction to GIS for Social Sciences
ANTH 3340 Popular Archeology
ANTH 3347 Archaeological Field Methods
ANTH 3357 Sociolinguistics
ANTH 3358 Ethnographic Methods
ANTH 3359 Archaeological Methods
ANTH 3360 Lab Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 3361 Contemporary Mexican Culture
ANTH 3380 Environmental Policy and Applied Anthropology
ANTH 3647 Archaeological Field Studies
ANTH 4304 Environmental Justice and Minority Communities in the U.S.
ANTH 4306 Colonias on the U.S.-Mexico Border
ANTH 4308 U.S.-Mexico Border Society and Culture
ANTH 4312 Thinking Spatially
ANTH 4313 Advanced Spatial Analysis
ANTH 4346 Health and Illness in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 4365 Museum Fundamentals
ANTH 4370 Studies in Anthropology
ANTH 4380 Theory in Anthropology
ARTH 4309 Research Problems in Art History
ARTH 4319 Special Problems in Art History
BIOL 3119 Experimental Embryology
BIOL 3120 Virtual Genetics
BIOL 3318 Developmental Biology
BIOL 3320 Genetics
BIOL 3321 Evolutionary Theory
BIOL 3326 Animal Ecology
BIOL 3330 Histology
BIOL 3341 Plants in Southwest Cultures
BIOL 3414 Molecular Cell Biology
BIOL 3416 Ecology
BIOL 3427 Desert Ecology
BIOL 4198 Special Problems
BIOL 4223 Transmission Electron Microscopy
BIOL 4225 Field Biology
BIOL 4298 Special Problems
BIOL 4317 Plant Ecology
BIOL 4322 Biological Ultrastructure Interpretation
BIOL 4324 Animal Behavior
BIOL 4325 Field Biology
BIOL 4326 Bioarchaeology
BIOL 4370 History and Philosophy of Biology
BIOL 4388 Mammalian Physiology
BIOL 4390 Biological Practicum
BIOL 4398 Special Problems
BOT 3330 Comparative Plant Morphology
BOT 3332 Economic Botany
BOT 3340 Plant Physiology
BOT 3437 Plant Taxonomy
CE 3325 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals
CE 4153 Water and Waste Laboratory
CE 4335 Structural Design I
CE 4340 Transportation Engineering
CE 4342 Water and Wastewater Engineering
CE 4348 Geotechnical Engineering
CE 4361 Structural Design II
CE 4371 Engineering Problems
CERM 4304 Ceramics VI
CERM 4314 Ceramics VII
CERM 4324 Special Problems in Ceramics
CHEM 3110 Laboratory for Chemistry 3310
CHEM 3124 Laboratory for Chemistry 3324
CHEM 3125 Laboratory for Chemistry 3325
CHEM 3151 Laboratory for Chemistry 3351
CHEM 3152 Laboratory for Chemistry 3352
CHEM 3221 Laboratory for Chemistry 3321
CHEM 3222 Laboratory for Chemistry 3322
CHEM 3310 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 3321 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 3322 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 3324 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 3325 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 3351 Physical Chemistry
CHEM 3352 Physical Chemistry
CHEM 4165 Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 4176 Introduction to Research
CHEM 4211 Instrumental Methods of Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 4212 Laboratory for Chemistry 2411
CHEM 4328 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 4330 Topics in Biochemistry
CHEM 4332 Biochemistry
CHEM 4362 Structure of Matter
CHEM 4365 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 4376 Introduction to Research
CHEM 4380 Polymer Chemistry
CS 4310 Software Engineering: Requirements Engineering (3-0)
CS 4311 Software Engineering: Design and Implementation (3-0)
CS 4316 Computer Networks (3-0)
CS 4320 Artificial Intelligence (3-0)
CS 4342 Database Management (3-0)
CS 4352 Compilers and Interpreters (3-0)
CS 4365 Topics in Soft Computing (3-0)
CS 4375 Theory of Operating Systems (3-0)
CS 4390 Special Topics in Computer Science (3-0)
CS 4392 Research Methods in Computer Science (3-0)
DANC 3341 Ballet Techniques
DANC 3343 Character and Jazz Dance
DRAW 4310 Advanced Drawing I
DRAW 4320 Advanced Drawing II
DRAW 4330 Special Problems in Life Drawing
ECON 3334 Regional Economics
ECON 3335 Urban Economics
ECON 4330 Public Sector Economics
ECON 4340 Economics of Labor
ECON 4368 Economy of Mexico
EE 4142 Laboratory for Electrical Engineering 4342
EE 4178 Laboratory for Electrical Engineering 4378
EE 4341 Communication Systems
EE 4342 Digital Systems Design II
EE 4347 Electromagnetic Energy Transmission and Radiation
EE 4350 Integrated Circuits and Semiconductor Devices
EE 4352 Power Electronics
EE 4356 Real Time Signal Processing and Communication
EE 4361 Fiber Optic Communications
EE 4364 Systems and Controls
EE 4365 Topics in Soft Computing (3-0)
EE 4372 Microcontroller Applications
EE 4374 Operating System Design
EE 4375 VLSI Design I
EE 4378 Microprocessors Systems II
EE 4379 Computer Architecture
EE 4380 Microwave Communications
EE 4381 Electro-Optical Engineering
EE 4382 Antenna Engineering
EE 4383 Digital Signal Processing
EE 4385 Biomedical Instrumentation
EE 4386 Computational Methods in Electrical
EE 4388 Digital Communications
EE 4389 High Resolution Radar
EE 4395 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ENGL 4390 Directed Study (0-0-3)
FIN 4311 Commercial Bank Management (3-0)
FIN 4312 Current Issues in Banking (3-0)
FIN 4316 Speculative Markets (3-0)
FIN 4318 Financial Statement Analysis (3-0)
FIN 4328 Central Banking (3-0)
FREN 4301 Methods of Foreign Language Instruction
FREN 4387 Poetry
FREN 4388 Prose
FREN 4389 Theater
FREN 4390 Topics in French
GEOL 4157 Advanced Vertebrate Paleontology Techniques
GEOL 4166 Directed Study, Geology
GEOL 4266 Directed Study, Geology
GEOL 4316 Geochemistry
GEOL 4356 Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontology
GEOL 4366 Directed Study, Geology
GEOL 4373 Groundwater Contamination and Reclamation
GEOL 4380 Environmental Geology and Geophysics
GEOL 4383 General Hydrology
GEOL 4385 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOP 4167 Directed Study, Geophysics
GEOP 4267 Directed Study, Geophysics
GEOP 4332 Exploration Geophysics, Seismic Methods
GEOP 4334 Exploration Geophysics, Non-Seismic Methods
GEOP 4367 Directed Study, Geophysics
HIST 3301 Colonial America to 1763
HIST 3302 The American Revolution and the New Nation, 1763-1815
HIST 3303 The U.S.- Mexican War
HIST 3304 The Age of Jackson. 1815-1850
HIST 3305 The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1860-1877
HIST 3306 From Plutocracy to Progressivism, 1877-1917
HIST 3307 The Interwar Years, 1918-1941
HIST 3308 United States since 1941
HIST 3309 Mexican-American History
HIST 3310 American Legal History
HIST 3311 History of American Foreign Relations to 1914
HIST 3312 History of American Foreign Relations since 1914
HIST 3313 American Military History
HIST 3317 History of Texas since 1821
HIST 3321 19th Century American West
HIST 3322 20th Century American West
HIST 3323 American Indian History
HIST 3324 The United States in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
HIST 3325 History of Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States
HIST 3326 Life and Labor in the U.S. in the 19th and 20th Centuries
HIST 3328 History of Hispanic Peoples in the United States
HIST 3329 African American History
HIST 3330 East Asia
HIST 3333 The Soviet Union
HIST 3337 Modern Africa
HIST 3338 History of Modern China
HIST 3339 Pyramids and Prophets: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Palestine
HIST 3340 The Middle East and Islam
HIST 3342 The Spanish Borderlands
HIST 3346 Central America and the Caribbean
HIST 3347 South America since 1810
HIST 3348 Environmental History of Latin America
HIST 3349 History of Mexico to 1900
HIST 3350 The Mexican Revolution
HIST 3360 Ancient Greece
HIST 3361 Hellenism and the Coming of Rome
HIST 3362 The Medieval World
HIST 3363 The Roman Empire
HIST 3364 The Age of Renaissance
HIST 3365 The Age of the Reformation
HIST 3366 The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
HIST 3367 The French Revolution and Napoleonic Eras
HIST 3368 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST 3369 Twentieth Century Europe, 1900 to the Present
HIST 3370 The Holocaust in Europe, 1933-1945
HIST 3374 Modern Germany since 1866
HIST 3381 The History of Spain and Portugal
HIST 3382 Spain in the Age of Expansion, Eighth-Sixteenth Centuries
HIST 3390 History, Special Topics
HIST 3391 History of Women
IE 4395 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering
LING 4301 Methods of Foreign Language Instruction
LING 4306 Language Acquisition
LING 4316 Language and Cognition
LING 4348 Analyses of Second Language Acquisition
LING 4371 Studies in Linguistics
LING 4372 Contrastive Linguistics: Spanish/English
MATH 3300 History of Mathematics
MATH 3319 Elementary Number Theory
MATH 3320 Actuarial Mathematics
MATH 3325 Principles of Mathematics
MATH 3327 Applied Algebra
MATH 3328 Foundations of Mathematics
MATH 3335 Applied Analysis I
MATH 3341 Introduction to Analysis
MATH 4199 Individual Studies in Mathematics
MATH 4326 Linear Algebra
MATH 4329 Numerical Analysis
MATH 4336 Applied Analysis II
MATH 4370 Topics Seminar
MATH 4399 Individual Studies in Mathematics
MECH 4355 Gas Dynamics
MECH 4395 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
MGMT 4304 Human Resource Training and Development
MGMT 4306 Franchising
MGMT 4315 Human Resource Staffing and Planning
MGMT 4325 International Management
MGMT 4337 Compensation and Benefits
MICR 3128 Microbial Ecosystems Techniques
MICR 3328 Microorganisms in Ecosystems
MICR 3443 Pathogenic Microbiology
MICR 3445 Microbial Physiology
MICR 3449 Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
MICR 4152 General Virology Techniques
MICR 4351 General Virology
MICR 4355 Medical Mycology
MICR 4453 Immunology
MKT 4305 Selling and Sales Management
MKT 4308 Real Estate Principles
MKT 4310 Principles of Retailing
MKT 4325 International Marketing
MKT 4390 Business to Business Marketing
MKT 4391 Services Marketing
MME 3309 Introduction to Electronic Materials Science
MME 3314 Composite Materials
MME 3321 Engineering Alloys
MME 3406 Physical Metallurgy
MME 3407 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MME 4303 Metals Processing
MME 4309 Corrosion
MME 4316 Failure Analysis
MME 4404 Materials Processing
MME 4405 Materials Fabrication
MME 4413 Structural Characterization
MME 4419 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Design
MTLS 4303 Metals VI
MTLS 4313 Metals VII
MTLS 4323 Special Problems in Metals
MUSE 3336 Teaching of Music in the Elementary Schools
MUSE 4333 Teaching of Music in the Junior and Senior High Schools
MUSE 4335 Selected Problems in Music Education
MUSE 4395 Piano Pedagogy
MUST 3215 Analytical Process in Music
MUST 3216 Theory Seminar
MUST 3218 Composing and Arranging for Instruments and Voice
MUST 3315 Advanced Electronic Music
MUST 3316 Commercial Music Composition
MUST 3317 Applied Audio Production
MUST 3319 Advanced Composition
MUST 3341 Introduction to Recording
OSCM 3333 Production Planning and Control
OSCM 4371 Transportation and Warehousing Systems
PHYS 3243 Advanced Laboratory Practice
PHYS 3323 Physical Optics
PHYS 3325 Survey of Modern Physics
PHYS 3331 Thermal Physics
PHYS 3351 Analytical Mechanics I
PHYS 3352 Analytical Mechanics II
PHYS 4341 Electromagnetic's I
PHYS 4342 Electromagnetic's II
PHYS 4348 Fundamentals of Acoustics
PHYS 4355 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4356 Atoms, Molecules, and Solids
PHYS 4357 Relativity, Nuclei, and Particles
PNTG 4301 Painting VI
PNTG 4331 Painting VII
PNTG 4341 Special Problems in Painting
PORT 4390 Topics in Portuguese
PRNT 4305 Printmaking VI
PRNT 4325 Printmaking VII
PRNT 4335 Special Problems in Printmaking
SCUL 4302 Sculpture VI
SCUL 4332 Sculpture VII
SCUL 4342 Special Problems in Sculpture
SOCI 3306 Cultural Diversity
SOCI 3311 Methods of Research
SOCI 3327 Majority/Minority Relations in the United States
SOCI 3333 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 3341 Special Undergraduate Topics
SOCI 3348 Criminology
SOCI 3361 Contemporary Mexican Culture
SOCI 3362 Medical Sociology
SOCI 3370 Sociology of Sex Roles
SOCI 3381 Complex Organizations
SOCI 4301 General Sociological Theory
SOCI 4347 Population Analysis and Problems
SOCI 4390 Independent Study
SPAN 4238 Golden Age Drama
SPAN 4301 Methods of Foreign Language Instruction
SPAN 4324 The Literature of Mexico
SPAN 4335 Nineteenth Century Spanish Novel
SPAN 4339 The Short Story
SPAN 4341 Modern Drama
SPAN 4358 Twentieth Century Spanish Literature
SPAN 4360 Twentieth Century Spanish American Novel
SPAN 4361 Cervantes
SPAN 4363 Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 4372 Contrastive Linguistics: English/Spanish
SPAN 4390 Topics in Spanish
SPLP 4312 Neural Bases of Speech and Language
STAT 3330 Probability
STAT 3380 Sampling Techniques
STAT 3381 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 4380 Statistics I
STAT 4385 Applied Regression Analysis
THEA 3355 The Musical Theatre
TRAN 4381 Commercial and Legal Translation
TRAN 4382 Translation from the Information Media
TRAN 4383 Literary Translation
TRAN 4384 Introduction to Interpreting
TRAN 4389 Topics in Translation
TRAN 4390 Senior Project in Translation
ZOOL 3464 Medical Parasitology
ZOOL 3468 Entomology
ZOOL 4155 Vertebrate Paleontology Techniques
ZOOL 4157 Advanced Vertebrate Paleontology Techniques
ZOOL 4181 Vertebrate Physiology Methods
ZOOL 4354 Paleozoic and Mesozoic Vertebrate Paleontology
ZOOL 4356 Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontology
ZOOL 4380 Vertebrate Physiology
ZOOL 4384 Neurobiology
ZOOL 4476 Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles
ZOOL 4478 Birds and Mammals