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Graduate School Forms

Fast-Track, Reservation, and Multidisciplinary

Fast-Track Program Student Registration Form
Computer Science BS/MBA
Electrical Engineering BS/MBA
Industrial Engineering BS/MBA

Reservation for Graduate Credit

Master of Multidisciplinary Studies & Professional Science Certificate Identification Form

Doctoral Milestone/IDP Form
Use this form to attach & submit your program specific milestones form and the yearly IDP.


The Core Residency Questions, New Mexico Waiver, and others are located at the Undergraduate Admissions website. Please send all documents or questions regarding Residency to 
Office of Admissions & Recruitment

Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

These IDPs are recommended by the Graduate School but your program may use other forms. Please check with your Program Director to see if there is another form they prefer that you use when submitting IDPs
Annual IDP
IDP Instructions

Academic Standing

GPA Improvement Plan

Non-Resident Dependant Waiver

For TA/RA Dependants
Waiver of Non-Resident Tuition for Dependants
Application for
Graduate Certificate
Thesis/Dissertation Template Instructions
Thesis/Dissertation Word Template (.docx)
Thesis/Dissertation Word Template (.doc)
Thesis/Dissertation Format Guidelines
SafeAssign Submission Form

Graduate Faculty

Temporary Membership in
Graduate Faculty

Exception Request Form

Graduate Program Directors, or other designated individuals, must use this form to request exceptions to program or university rules that requires approval from the Graduate Dean. The form lists the most common exceptions and required documents for each type.  Students may NOT use this form to request an exception.
Graduate Program Reviews
OIP Assistantship
Confirmation Form
GPA Improvement Plan
GRA/GTA Non-Resident Tuition Waiver -
Request Form
GRA/GTA Non-Resident Tuition Waiver -
Instructional Guide
Access Form
AppReview tutorial
Radius tutorial
Graduate Advisor's
Faculty Approval: BP Logix Forms (for faculty use only)