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Phone Services






UTEP provides telephone services for more than 4000 campus, emergency, fax machines, and off-campus affiliate building telephones using a voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) system. Services including installation, relocation, and maintenance of lines and telephones.

• Local and long-distance phone service
• Telephone moves, adds, and changes
• Temporary phone lines
• Voicemail
• Fax and modem lines available
• Hunt, ACD, and PIC Groups are available



Getting Started

Avaya Office Phone Manual

To request a new phone or phone line, or to request a change to an existing phone or phone line, contact us at the Help Desk.

With the approval of the department head, phone extensions may be transferred with an employee within the department or outside the department. Written permission must be received from the department head that owns the phone.

How to forward/unforward calls

* 2 - Enables call forwarding to another extension
# 2 - Disables call forwarding to another extension
* 3 - Enables call forwarding to voicemail
# 3 - Disables call forwarding to voicemail



Purchase requisitions are required before the start of any service

There is no charge for a phone move if there is an active and available phone jack at the new location. If the relocation requires the installation of a new phone jack, there will be a charge for the needed materials.

$300 – New basic service includes installation, activation, and model 4602 phone.
$252 – Annual maintenance fee.

Phone Upgrades

$383 – upgrade from 4602 to 4610 model (does not include activation cost).
$543 – upgrade from 4602 to 4621 model (does not include activation cost).
$200 – upgrade from 4610 to 4621 model (does not include activation cost).

Temporary Lines

For UTEP-specific events - $21.00 per line.
For Non-UTEP specific events - $151.00 per line.
Additional charges are applied for long-distance capability.

Temporary lines will be removed after the event is concluded or after 30 days if requested by the customer.

 Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact us at UTEP Technology Support.

UTEP Library Room 300

Spare phones are the property of the Telecommunications Infrastructure department and should be returned. Contact the Help Desk to arrange pickup.

All phone moves should be reported to the UTEP Help Desk whether they require service or not, to ensure the 911 database is updated and departments are charged correctly.



UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)