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Learning Remotely

Everything students need to continue learning off-campus

A Remote Learning Plan has been created to ensure students can continue learning online. The following information provides an overview on the resources available to help students successfully complete their courses remotely. For any technology related questions or issues, please contact Technology Support .

  Equipment for Off-Campus Learning   Internet Access
  UTEP Computer Clinic   Blackboard
  Library Resources   Software
  Virtual Private Network   OneDrive
  Mobile Print   Open Computer Labs

Equipment for Off Campus Learning

Laptop Checkout
UTEP Technology Support has a limited number of laptops available for students to checkout. With consideration to this, we are asking that you please apply.

Laptop Checkout Web Page

Student-priced Laptops
UTEP has partnered with Dell and Apple to offer discounted prices on recommended laptops for our students. Students who are ready to purchase a recommended laptop, click here .

Help Purchasing a Laptop
If you need assistance in purchasing a computer or laptop, the Paydirt Emergency Loan Program is available to assist students. The maximum loan amount is $500. You can apply for this loan by emailing to request your personalized online application link.


Internet Access / Mobile Hotspots

Affordable Internet Services
Spectrum   |  AT&T

Check Your Internet Speed
You'll need to have an Internet connection that is stable and fast enough to support your online learning activities. To test your Internet connection from your remote location, go to 1 – 2 Mbps upload and download speeds are considered fast enough for most work activities.

Test Your Connection

Checkout a Mobile Hotspot
UTEP Technology Support has a limited number of Wi-Fi hotspots available for checkout. With consideration to this, we are asking that you please apply.

Mobile Hotspot Web Page

Use Your Smartphone as a Hotspot
If your service provider offers this service on your smartphone, you can use the instructions below to connect.

iOS Instructions   |   Android Instructions


UTEP Computer Clinic

Tech support is available for your personal computer at no cost. The Computer Clinic can assist with software & OS installations, virus and malware removal, and more. Services for students are offered remotely or onsite, as needed.

Make an Appointment |   Computer Clinic Web Page





Many professors use Blackboard to post class announcements, course materials, assignments and grades online. To access Blackboard, log into and click on the Blackboard icon.

Visit the Blackboard for Student's Web page for more information.



Blackboard Tests and Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor
Some professors require tests be taken online with Blackboard and Respondus Lockdown Browser, a tool that locks Internet browsing for the duration of the test. To download Respondus, log into Blackboard, select "Tools" on the left and click on Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Mobile App
Blackboard also has a Mobile app you can download to your smartphone. Visit the Blackboard App web page to download the app for your device.


Library Resources

Students can now access electronic materials found in the Classic Catalog, MinerQuest and the Library’s other databases from off-campus.

For more information on Library Electronic Materials, please visit the University Library web page.





UTEP Technology Support has collaborated with several software vendors to increase access for our students, faculty, and staff. Below is a list of software that can be accessed remotely from your personal device at no cost. For information on all software supported by UTEP Technology Support, please visit the Software Main Menu .

*Adobe Creative Cloud is available at no cost to Students enrolled in any of the pre-approved courses. Click on the following software links for more information.


Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Suite of programs accessible through the cloud


Microsoft Office 365

Versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows or Mac



Matrix manipulations, plotting functions and data, algorithms and more



Neural networks, machine learning, image processing, and more



A statistics package developed at the Pennsylvania State University



Used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis



A general-purpose statistical software package



A qualitative data analysis computer software package


Agisoft Metashape

Photogrammetric processing of digital images generating 3D spatial data


Graphpad Prism

An analysis and graphing solution purpose-built for scientific research



Virtual Private Network - VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create a secure connection to the UTEP network over the Internet. Some of the software available remotely and Library resources will require a VPN connection. Connect to VPN only if it is required and disconnect from VPN as soon as access to the application is no longer needed.

In order to use VPN you must have DUO Authentication set up. Visit the VPN web page for more information.




Work on files in OneDrive

Store and sync your Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets online and throughout all of your devices. Don’t let location be a barrier, real- time collaboration allows you to share your files and collaborate with your faculty member or classmates without the need to send large email attachments back and forth.



Install the OneDrive App
Download the Microsoft OneDrive App to your device and save files directly to your OneDrive. Those on Windows 10 or later already have OneDrive installed.

OneDrive App for Mac   |  OneDrive App for Windows

Scan Documents with your Mobile Device
Download the Microsoft OneDrive App to your device and scan files directly to your OneDrive.

How to Scan Documents (UTEP Video)



UTEP Mobile Print

Print From Your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet
Students can print from their personal devices to our printers located throughout campus. Visit the Mobile Print web page for instructions on how to connect your device.




  Open Computer Lab on Campus

Due to limited operations on campus, most computer labs on campus will be closed. We understand that some students may have no other resource for computer and Internet access, therefore, the following computers labs will be available.

Lab Location
Collaborative Learning Center UTEP Library 2nd floor



UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)