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Interactive & Immersive Learning Spaces

We work directly with students, faculty, and staff to design the future of learning; whether it is utilizing technological innovations, researching and prototyping new technologies, or rethinking and re- imagining the connection and functionality between students, faculty and technology within a learning space.

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Synergystic Endeavors



GAIA: Makerspace Central

GAIA, which will replace the ATLAS student lab in Spring of 2019, will be the first open Makerspace on the UTEP campus. It will offer the resources and the experienced staff needed to complete endeavors focused around 3D Design, Scan & Print, Raspberry Pis, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Graphic Design, Programming & Mobile Applications, Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Numeric Control and many more. The facility will be open to all students, faculty and staff without restriction of college, major, degree or departmental affiliation.

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Open 3D Printing

The UGLC open 3D printing lab was first featured internationally at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in 2016 in a session named ”Building Cloud- Connected 3D Printing Labs That Transform Learning and Engage Students”. The program continues to grow and serves almost 1 out of every 7 students on the UTEP campus. It has an atmosphere of exploration, design, and creativity that benefits all majors on campus from prototyping to product creation. The program is currently 2nd in the nation in terms of number of students it supports on a cloud-based system.

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Supplemental Technology Instruction

As part of the UGLC’s ongoing instructional services we work with faculty and lecturers to provide supplemental technology instruction both inside and outside of class. As opposed to a traditional workshop model we work with instructors to understand their learning outcomes to tailor technology instruction in a way that pairs well with their individual course learning objectives. To discuss the options for you course please contact us so we can discuss your needs directly.

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Innovative Programs

For students, faculty, staff, and the community.


3D Print Academy Logo

3D Print Academy

Originally brought to life as part of the launching of the first open 3D printing program at UTEP in early 2016. The academy now is open to all faculty, staff, and students interested in learning about 3D cloud based printing. Please contact us to schedule your inclusion in the next cohort. The academy has now been streamlined to maximum learning and minimize time spent.

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Tech-E Program

The Tech-E program, which was developed by Academic Technologies Learning Environments as a summer camp for kids in 2014, has expanded over the last several years to now become a regional program that partners with schools and school districts on a year long basis. Tech-E heavily focuses on current and developing technologies to allow participants an engaging real-world head start in the fields of technology innovation and exploration before reaching college programs. Tech-E also focuses on promoting college readiness and accessibility. It works towards having students think about their future career options in real world terms much sooner than they normally would which enforces early college planning. Tech-E currently serves the entire K-12 pipeline as it is never too early to start the path to a child’s future.

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The Undergraduate Learning Center (UGLC)

The Undergraduate Learning Center is focused on designing, evolving, and creating the key technology pieces to a 21st century learning experience and Research University. Our center which is an integral part of the learning environment’s team ranges in impact from technology research and publications to community outreach and empowering social mobility through technology entrepreneurship and careers. We are pioneering the future of learning alongside our students and community; because together we enable a much brighter future for everyone.

As one of the first fully technological buildings within the region when it opened in 1999; it still remains a showcase piece of what technology, engineering and imagination can do when used together. Today the UGLC supports over 12,000 students a semester and is utilized for a wide range of events and activities for the campus and larger community.


UGLC Event Venue Assistance



Engaging Spaces For Learning



Elements Room UGLC 338

Exploring Learning Environments and Mediting the Evolution of New Teaching Spaces. Elements is a fundamentally different approach to hi tech classroom design. In the traditional model of building classrooms with technology; designers integrators educators focus on a type of room: a collaborative suite, a video conferencing facility, a team based learning environment, a computer classroom.



Classroom of the Future UGLC 340

This innovative room which was created through a series of focus group between Learning Environments team and faculty was created to be an example of what is missing in a traditional classroom. The room sports mobile furniture to reduce time to task in the classroom, had multiple white boards to allow students a multitude of writing spaces for team and project based work, as well as housed the first laser projector system on campus. This room was the prototype room for what has now begun to be deployed across various spaces on campus.



The Green Room UGLC 306

A learning space utilized by the Undergraduate Learning Center for workshops and outreach. Originally created and jointly funded as part of a collaboration with the UTeach Engineering program at UTEP; it has since been utilized to house workshops that continue the original mission of the grant. The room continues to train teachers and students alike on a wide range of technologies and their use within the STEAM fields. The room was originally designed and created in 2009 and served the first two cohorts of UTEP’s UTeachEnginering program.