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UTEP Today Monitors


UTEP Today is a television information display system. It can display a variety of static or animated graphics. This system makes it easy to advertise, promote and communicate by indoor TV display.

• Promote your UTEP events, news, and announcements.
• Over 30 screens in at least 14 buildings on campus.
• Use any software that saves files as JPGs to create slides for posting.
• Videos up to 30 seconds may be posted.
• Start and end dates eliminate the display of expired images.


Formatting Your Promotions

• Submit your slide in JPG format 1280 x 960 px, or 10" x 7.5" ratio - PPT dimension.
• Font should be 14 pt at minimum (bigger is better).
• Higher contrast (background vs. font) shows best.
• Submissions are limited to 10 images.
• Video streaming is permitted but must not exceed 30 seconds.
• Break promotions with lots of text into multiple images.

Note: Not all screens have sound capability.


Submitting Your Promotions


Email the zone administrators to request the posting of your image(s) on campus. Each building has a designated zone admin, which all recieve the Zone Admin emails.

Requests should include: A brief content summary, start date, end date and contact.

Submit images at least 5 days in advance of posting start date. Posting is not automatic, it is based on the discretion of the zone administrator for each building.


Appropriate Use

Appropriate messages should include

• Any approved campus activities.
• Student led activities such as organizations and SGA.
• Sports and special events such as games, theater plays, and concerts.
• Critical deadlines for academic calendar.
• Important dates for university openings and closings.
• Important weather and national news updates when necessary.
• Congratulations to university departments, organizations and/or individuals for awards and honors.

Inappropriate messages include

• Personal messages.
• Non-UTEP activities.
• Solicitation of goods and services.
• Others determined inappropriate by the designated the university administration.



Contact us at the Technology Support Help Desk.


UTEP Library Room 300  |  TS.UTEP.EDU  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)