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Office Computer Replacement

This program allows faculty and staff to replace their primary office computer with a new standard computer, at no cost to their departments. The goals of the program are to maximize system performance, realize efficiencies in operations, and reduce the high cost of maintaining older, out of warranty computers.

The Office Computer Replacement Program is currently closed.
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User Criteria Computer Criteria
The requestor must be a UTEP employee with at least a 50% appointment in PeopleSoft Replacement must be for user's primary work computer
An eligible person must not have requested a replacement in the last four years Cannot have previously been submitted for replacement
The requestor has sent the previously replaced computer to Surplus (if applicable) Cannot have been purchased with grant accounts beginning with 226 or accounts beginning with 29, 30, or 41
Cannot be listed as missing or stolen

The standard computers for the current year are listed below. Each replacement comes pre-installed with standard UTEP software. After-purchase upgrades to the standard computers (such as additional memory) and accessories (such as laptop docking stations) may be purchased at the department's expense.

PC Replacement Surplus Form

Replaced Computers MUST be sent to the Surplus Department within 60 days of receipt of a new computer.


Replacement Options

Dell Optiplex 7070 Desktop Intel i5-9500
Six-Core Processor (3.0-4.4GHz), Windows Enterprise, 8GB RAM, 24-inch monitor (multimedia or standard options), 256GB Solid State hard drive, 4-year warranty.


Dell Optiplex 7470 All-in-one Intel i5-8500
Six-Core Processor (3.0-4.4GHz), Windows Enterprise, 8GB RAM, 23.8-inch WLED Full-HD display with webcam, mic & speakers, 256GB Solid State hard drive, 4-year warranty.


Dell Latitude E7400 i5-8365U
Quad-Core Processor 1.6 GHz, Windows Enterprise, 8 GB RAM, 14-inch HD display with camera and mic, 256GB Solid State hard drive, 3 pounds, 4-year warranty.


Dell Latitude E7200 2-in-1
Quad-Core i5-8365 Processor 1.6 GHz, Windows Enterprise, 8 GB RAM, 128GB Solid State hard drive, 12.3-inch Touch display with camera & mic, traveling keyboard and pen, 2.2 pounds+keyboard, 4-year warranty.



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