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Network Connections

Wired and wireless network connections that provide access to electronic services including email and file storage are available at UTEP.

• Wired connectivity for offices and computer labs
• Internet and Internet 2 access
• Wireless connectivity for multiple devices for UTEP students, faculty, and staff (UTEPSecure)


Request a Port

To request a wired network port or to have one activated submit a service request for a consultation.

Submit a Service Request



The following costs are associated with UTEP’s wired and wireless network services:

Installations: $150.00 per network data port
Installations of network data ports include new material (cabling, faceplates, patch cords, etc.) as well as activation. Because “relocation of existing data ports” may require the same materials and labor as new installations, effective September 1, 2017, RELOCATION of data ports will no longer be performed.

Activations: No Cost
Effective September 1, 2017, activations of existing network data ports will be at no cost to the individual customer. Be advised that because of the high cost of network hardware, activations of existing data ports will be limited to 10 free activations per department per fiscal year. Additional activations will be charged $150.00 each. Please consult with your Technology Implementation Manager (TIM) before requesting data port activations.

Gigabit Ports: No Cost
As the campus network devices are being upgraded to provide gigabit connectivity, most customers will be able to take advantage of much higher network speeds than before. Unfortunately, until the upgrade project is completed, those customers who may still have lower connectivity speeds (10/100Mb) but require gigabit connectivity will be accommodated on an individual basis based on justification, at no cost.

Projects requiring installations in excess of 20 network data drops will also be charged the cost of the necessary network hardware required to activate such network data ports.

In certain instances, data port installations may be contracted out due to the lack of in-house manpower, additional structural work required in installing such data drops, or expedited time requirements of the project. The additional cost of contracted work will be charged accordingly to the customer. Please contact the Telecommunication Infrastructure department for additional information.

Wireless connectivity to the campus network and Internet services require the installation of wireless Access Points that propagate the network signals through the air. These services are intended to benefit the student population as much as possible.

Illegally downloading or copying any files using the UTEP wireless network is strictly prohibited. If suspicious activity is detected, the wireless account will be disabled.



Contact us at the Technology Support Help Desk

Phone: 915-747-4357 (HELP)


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)