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The Campus Announcement request process is an online automated process that conveniently allows you to go online to advertise, promote, or inform our UTEP community on administrative matters, training opportunities, and all campus activities.

UTEP Secure - The preferred wi-fi for UTEP students, faculty, and staff.

UTEP Guest - The preferred wi-fi for visitors to the UTEP campus.

EDURoam - A worldwide federated network for the international research and education community. - More information about wireless access at UTEP.


UTEP Secure Wi-Fi

UTEPSecure Wi-Fi is a secure wireless connection for students, faculty, and staff. UTEPSecure allows users with a current UTEP username and password to login once and automatically reconnect for up to 12 months.

• Log in just once a year
• Available in most locations across campus
• Roam from building to building on campus and stay connected
• Reconnect automatically when you return to campus or restarting the device
• Log in with multiple devices
• Protected connection with industry encryption standards (EAP)

Access to UTEP Secure

Your Mac or Windows computers and your mobile devices will automatically detect UTEPSecure. Click to connect and log in with your UTEP username and password.


Windows 7   |  Windows 8   |  Windows 10   |  iPhone   |  Android   |  Mac OS


UTEP Guest Wi-Fi

UTEPGuest wireless access provides free wireless access to alumni, vendors, and other guests on campus. UTEPGuest offers a secure wireless connection for users that do not have a UTEP account. It can be easily accessed on wireless devices.

• No login
• Available all over campus, Campbell and University Towers, and all UTEP housing locations
• Secure connections for users
• Available to any computer or mobile device
• As a guest account, this site provides access to the Internet only

Access to Guest Wi-Fi

On Mac or Windows computers and mobile devices just look for UTEPGuest and click to connect. No login required.


Windows   |  Mac   |  Android   |  iOS


Eduroam Wi-Fi


Eduroam, education roaming, is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows any visiting faculty or staff to get wireless access at any institution that is a member of this service.

• Available at many universities across the globe
• Secure world-wide roaming access service
• Provides per-user, per-session encrypted Internet network access
• Allows faculty and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity
• No need to request local guest credentials
• Connectivity is authenticated by the user's home campus.

Access to EDURoam

Access to EDURoam is automatic within participating institutions. Support for EDURoam is provided by the home institution. Contact the HelpDesk for assistance with configuring your laptop or mobile device for EDURoam use. For other EDURoam questions, you may visit the EDURoam website.

EDURoam Website   |  EDURoam Institution Map



Contact us at Technology Support.

Phone: 915-747-4357 (HELP)

For more information about wireless access at UTEP visit


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)