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Proctoring with Respondus

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a custom browser tool that prevents students from printing, copying, and accessing other applications or websites during proctored online exams. It locks down the testing environment within the learning management system so that during tests students are unable to go to other URLs, access other applications, capture screen content, or print.

The Respondus Monitor tool in Blackboard is the companion tool to Respondus Lockdown Browser. It adds webcam and video technology to deter academic dishonesty in non-proctored online exam settings. Suspicious behaviors are automatically flagged during an exam, such as a student leaving the computer, a different person entering the video frame, and more.


For Faculty

In-Class E-Exams for Instructors

Instructors Resources Webpage | Overview

Chromebooks are supported by default. No action is needed on the instructor's end.

iPads need to be enabled under Advanced Settings when using the LockDown Browser on an exam.


Respondus Webinars

Respondus Monitor Overview Video | Student Perspective Video


For Students

Instructions for Students (PDF)

Students can download Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor to their laptop for free.

Smartphones as Web Cams (Windows)

Students without webcams can convert their smartphone cameras into webcams. Students will need to download both the application on their phone and the driver for their computer (Mac or Windows). For best results, students should plug their phones into their computers with a USB cable.

Android | iPhone

Introductory Video

Computer Labs

Lockdown Browser/Monitor works best on Windows lab computers. Macs require admin rights, which could delay getting started on your exam.

Lab Manager Request



Visit Blackboard Central for assistance using the Respondus Lockdown Browser in your class.




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