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Computer Clinic

  Open Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm

The Computer Clinic offers cost-free technical support for personally owned computers belonging to active university members. Each student, staff, or faculty may bring in their personally owned Windows and Mac computers for various services.

 UTEP Library Room 300
Open: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (915) 747-7027



Software & OS Installations
Free installs of Microsoft Office and Windows for students. Staff and faculty members may purchase Microsoft Software for a small cost.


Hardware & Diagnostics Installs
Diagnose and troubleshoot computer hardware issues. Free Installation of hard drives and memory modules purchased by students, staff and faculty members.


Virus & Malware Removal
Perform a thorough scan for Viruses and/or Malware on your computer. Install and activate free antivirus software. Install the latest software updates.


System Restore & File Backup
Refresh or upgrade Windows Operating Systems. Re-Install Mac Operating Systems. Provide guidance on file/data backup.


Before dropping off your computer

  1. Back up your files and critical data
  2. If the operating system is to be reinstalled, all data will be erased from the computer. Customers need to provide the appropiate license keys
  3. The computer must turn on to be accepted
  4. Laptops are accompanied by an AC adapter
  5. Desktops only require the tower to be brought in
  6. Customers are responsible for the security in their product keys and licenses. They are not maintained at the Computer Clinic
  7. Customers are encouraged to change their passwords once their computers have been serviced and returned to them

Customers are required to complete a Release of Liability form prior to having computers serviced.

Once the service is completed, customers will receive an email notification along with a Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Office 365 and OS downloads

Microsoft Office for Windows and Macs is available at Students can also obtain free upgrades to Windows 10.

UTEP On The Hub

Microsoft Office 365


Helpful Links

Software Main Menu

Technology Support Center


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)