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OneDrive for Business






OneDrive for Business is UTEP’s supported cloud storage and file sharing service from Microsoft. Store your individual, business or coursework files in one secure location that is accessible anytime, anywhere from multiple devices. Learn more about this seamless solution and forget about relying on a thumb drive or sharing documents through bulky attachments.

Cloud storage - 5TB of secure cloud storage space to sync and automatically backup your important files and folders
Collaboration - share and work on documents in real-time with both internal and external user
Version history - restore to earlier versions of documents as needed
Mobile access -install the OneDrive app and stay connected on the go!


Access your OneDrive

Go to and click on the OneDrive for Business icon.

You can also install the OneDrive App to your laptop or desktop, which will sync and backup your files automatically.


Install the App to your device

Install the OneDrive App
Install the OneDrive Client on your device and save files directly to your OneDrive.

OneDrive App for PC, Mac Andriod or iOS

Sync your files and folders to the OneDrive App

Sync Files and Folders on Mac   |  Sync Files and Folders on Windows



Backup Your Files

UTEP Windows Devices

Login to your OneDrive app. Settings will automatically be enabled to backup your important folders (Desktop, Documents, and Pictures). Various status icons will appear on your files. Learn more about the status of your files here .

If you are not on the Miners domain, this is not initiated automatically. Backup settings must be set up manually:

OneDrive Manual Backup Setup


Add Other Folders to OneDrive


Advanced Options for Windows (PDF)


Mac Devices

Automatic backup is currently not supported by Microsoft at this time. Please log a consultation request here for further assistance.


Other Helpful OneDrive Video Tutorials


Appropriate Use Guidelines

Data Type Appropriate Use
Student Coursework Yes
Faculty Staff Documents Yes
Public Information Yes
University Personnel Records Yes
Student Records Yes
Research Data Yes
Medical Records Yes
SSN's, Passports, Drivers License Yes
Financial Account Information Yes
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) NO

Information Security Policies

UTEP Confidential Data Classification


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my OneDrive account from a web browser?
: You can open any web browser and navigate to Office365 , log in with your UTEP email account.

Q: What do I do if I receive an error that states “Selected Tenant does not exist in tenant “University of Texas at El Paso” and cannot access this application”?
: Open a request with Technology Support here to get access immediately.

Q: What is the maximum file size I can upload for a single file?
: Upload individual files up to 100GB.

Q: Do I have to download files locally to my computer when I sync from the OneDrive app?
: No, you can save local hard disk space by turning on files-on-demand. Learn about this feature here .

Q: What happens if I accidentally delete a file? Can it be recovered?
: Yes, you can restore your deleted file for up to 93 days after. Learn about how to restore your file here .

Q: Members of my department need to collaborate and share documents amongst each other, do we use OneDrive?
: OneDrive should be used for your individual file sharing, we would recommend the use of SharePoint for department file and sharing collaboration.


 Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact us at UTEP Technology Support.

UTEP Library Room 300

List of Invalid Characters and File Types


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)