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College of Engineering | September 15, 2023

Renowned Environmental Engineer Joins UT El Paso's Civil Engineering Faculty

Civil Engineering Welcomes Dr Camila Madeira


The Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is delighted to announce the esteemed appointment of Assistant Professor Camila Leite Madeira, Ph.D. Her inclusion on our team enriches our institution with a formidable depth of knowledge and expertise, underscoring our enduring dedication to excellence in education and research.

Camila obtained her doctoral degree in environmental engineering from The University of Arizona, and her primary research focus centers on harnessing the extraordinary potential of microorganisms to combat contaminants found in both soil and water environments.

Her research extends to unraveling the intricate fate of emerging contaminants in the environment and devising innovative microbial processes to effectively eliminate them. In addition to this, Camila is passionate about designing sustainable wastewater treatment processes with the aim of ensuring equitable access to safe drinking water and promoting sound sanitation practices.

UTEP College of Engineering Dean, Kenith Meissner, Ph.D., expressed: “We are excited to welcome Camila to our faculty. Her expertise in environmental engineering and commitment to addressing critical challenges in water and wastewater treatment aligns perfectly with our college's mission to advance knowledge and serve our community. Camila's research and dedication will undoubtedly enhance our department's reputation and contribute to our shared goal of providing a world-class education."

In her own words, Camila expressed her commitment: “As an assistant professor, I plan to strengthen the Department of Civil Engineering's expertise in water and wastewater treatment by starting a research group focused on biological processes for wastewater treatment and bioremediation. I also plan to collaborate with local communities, government agencies, and the private sector to promote reliable access to safe water in the border region.”

We invite you to join us in extending a warm welcome to Camila as she joins our Miner family. Her appointment represents a valuable addition to our faculty and holds immense significance to upholding the quality of education to which the UTEP College of Engineering is steadfastly committed. Welcome, Camila!

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